Ogura Sundine, rooted in chemicals trading since its inception, has broadened our portfolio to include a diverse range of products. Sourced from our business partners, these encompass housing and construction materials to lifestyle goods, enabling us to continuously evolve and grow to meet your needs and the demands of the times.

Housing and Construction Materials Business

We contribute to extending the buildings’ lifespan through the sale of waterproof materials, and by offering high-insulation products such as resin sashes. Additionally, we collaborate with local building contractors to develop energy-efficient housing packages, showcasing our ability to provide innovative solutions.

Chemical Business

Founded in 1924 as Ogura Store, we have been dedicated to supplying raw materials to rubber product manufacturers. With rubber compounding chemicals as our core product, we have expanded our offerings to include raw materials for polymers and various foamed products, ensuring comprehensive support for the rubber industry.

In addition to our core business, we are committed to environmental sustainability. We actively explore eco-friendly solutions such as utilizing biomass materials to meet the needs of environmentally conscious manufacturers and users. Moreover, we facilitate import and export operations on behalf of client manufacturers, ensuring smooth international trade while upholding our environmental responsibilities.

Lifestyle Projects

This project was launched with the aim of creating new businesses outside of our existing chemicals and housing/construction materials business. We serve as authorized distributors of lifestyle-enhancing products supplied by Science Co., Ltd. and Kalos Beauty Technology Inc., wholesaling these products to department stores and commercial facilities. Additionally, we conduct our own product promotions targeting general consumers, accumulating sales expertise beyond wholesale operations.

When launching new products or introducing new merchandise, we collaborate company-wide, with all departments actively engaging in sales efforts to ensure success. Each department conducts promotional activities across various channels, including international platforms, to drive sales.